Intalling the new water system, August 2017

The Trustees of Reservations’ investment in Nuestra Comunidad’s El Jardin de la Amistad has brought much needed water service to the 11,000 square foot community garden located on Dudley Street in Roxbury. Alongside resident leaders, the planning phase for the project, including engineering and permitting of a dedicated service for the property, began in 2016.

The planning and work culminated in August 2017 with the construction of a water system at El Jardin de la Amistad. The water is now flowing and the gardeners are very pleased with the results. The project, from identification as a capital need to execution stretched from fall 2016 to summer 2017 and leveraged statewide capital funds from the Trustees.

Gardeners at El Jardin de la Amistad

When asked her thoughts on the improvement, Carmen LaTorre offered, “Pulling the hoses was quite difficult. We are so happy to have the faucets in the garden working once again!” A long time gardener and former coordinator, Carmen remembers when water was supplied free to El Jardin via a dedicated pipe from an abutting building. Roughly a decade ago, however, the building was sold, and the gardeners were forced to make due, pulling hoses from a neighboring house to irrigate their garden plots. Garden coordinator Juan Carlos Canales seconded Carmen’s gratitude, noting: “the gardeners and community are now aware of the scale of the investment, and grateful that The Trustees made this happen.” Nuestra Comunidad is grateful to the Trustees of Reservations for their investment in El Jardin de la Amistad!