Home Energy Upgrades

Renew Boston

The City of Boston’s Renew Boston initiative wants to help you weatherize now. Boston property owners, landlords, small condo associations, and renters who live in or own 1-4 unit buildings can sign up today for a no-cost energy assessment, and may qualify for efficiency upgrades including the following:

  • No cost air sealing
  • No cost high-efficiency light bulbs, programmable thermostats and water saving devices
  • Generous rebates for high efficiency heating, cooling and hot water equipment
  • 75% – up to $2,000 off – to install approved insulation improvements!

Sign up now and a representative from Next Step Living will contact you to schedule your home energy assessment.

Do you live in a triple decker or duplex?

Right now Renew Boston is offering a special program for triple-deckers and duplexes. Landlords, condo-owners, owner occupants and renters of two and three family homes can sign up for their no-cost energy assessment to see if they quality for 90% off insulation, up to $3,000 per unit.