Let us tell you about Christina, shown here with her family, who have lived together for eight years in an apartment on Dudley Street.   Her four children go to Boston schools.  She worked part-time in the hospitality industry until she was laid off.   Eventually Christina found herself in housing court, convinced she was going to be evicted and become homeless. You can imagine the disruption to her family if that happened.

Then Christina met Isabel Torres, Nuestra’s Housing Resources Manager.   Working with Isabel, Christina negotiated a payment plan, using $2,000 in Flex Funds from Metro Boston Housing to help pay her back rent.  Then Nuestra contributed the balance of $1,600 using a grant program.  Today, Christina’s rent balance is zero, and her family is still in their home on Dudley Street.

This is not an isolated story.  Nuestra’s success in preserving Christina’s home is part of our very effective housing counseling program.  Each year Nuestra prevents the displacement of 100 individuals and families who are at risk of eviction or are homeless.   You can see the positive impact of our emergency housing assistance program on Roxbury when you look at the data behind our counseling success.  Our clients are:

  • 90% people of color
  • 70% over the age of 60.
  • 50% Roxbury residents or have strong connections to Roxbury in their history.
  • 50% of our successes end up living in Roxbury.
  • 5% of our successes end up with housing outside of Boston.

The City of Boston’s Office of Housing Stabilization and Age Strong Commission are strong partners in Nuestra’s emergency housing assistance program.

If you want to create more success stories like Christina’s, please consider becoming a member of Nuestra and joining our advocacy for more resources for this program and other affordable housing programs.  Together we can preserve families’ homes and stabilize Roxbury as a community.  To become a member, click here.   To find out more about our work, follow us on Twitter @nuestracdc, go to our Facebook page here, or email us.