Nuestra Comunidad will be joining Good2Go, Susan Buchan, Rachel Ehrman and guest speakers to host a conversation about Good2Go, a community electric vehicle (EV) car sharing program which will be coming soon to Roxbury!

“Good2Go is an equity focused, income-tiered electric car share. It’s an affordable way to access convenient, clean transportation in Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood. Roxbury is a state-designated environmental justice community that has been disproportionately affected by climate change. It’s time to change that, starting with improving our air quality through electric vehicles (EVs). Members can count on Good2Go’s EV fleet as a safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly transportation choice that serves as a complement to public transportation. It provides an option for errands, appointments, and for small business owners to deliver goods.”

To learn more about Good2Go, and how to become a beta tester, head to their website here!

To register to the event head to this link!