Nuestra Comunidad and Windale Developers are excited to announce the launch of a community planning process aimed at designing a new public plaza at the Bartlett Station development in Dudley Square, co-owned by Windale and Nuestra.   We want to hear from you what you want, what works and what doesn’t work.  Our goal is to build the plaza in 2019, based on a vision and design driven by Roxbury residents and stakeholders.

A team of local artists and arts leaders have already begun meeting to create a community engagement plan and start visioning the possibilities for this new 15,000 SF outdoor cultural venue open to the community.  The first step in the public phase is the launching of a community survey designed by the planning team.  Everyone reading this message is encouraged to take the survey and circulate it to your networks.  Here’s the link to the online version:  CLICK HERE.

For more information, check out the recent blog post here.