Our Portfolio

Ellen S. Jackson Apartments

Ellen-JacksonLocation: Blue Hill Avenue and Quincy Street, Roxbury
48 apartment homes
Project Completion: 2015

La Concha

Location: Alaska and Magnolia Streets and Mount Pleasant Avenue, Roxbury
97 apartment homes
Date Completed: 1990

Mainstay House

Location: Main Street, Charlestown
14 apartment homes
Date Acquired: 2004

11 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Location: Mount Pleasant Avenue, Roxbury
15 apartment homes
Date Completed: 2011

109 Mount Pleasant Avenue

Location: Mount Pleasant Avenue, Roxbury
8 apartment homes
Project Completion: 2014

Sargent Prince Building

Location: Corner of Roxbury and Shawmut Streets, Roxbury
30 apartment homes
Date Completed: 1997

Stafford Heights Co-op

Location: Stafford, Moreland, Winthrop, and Huckins Streets and Blue Hill Avenue, Roxbury
41 apartment homes
Date Completed: 1995

Vila Nova

Location: Dudley Street, Roxbury
16 apartment homes
Date Completed: 1986

Washington Park Apartments

Location: Martin Luther King Blvd, Roxbury
96 apartment homes
Date Completed: 2014

35 West Newton Street

35 West Newton Street
Location: West Newton Street, South End
34 apartment homes
Background: These apartments, renovated in 2010, are part of a mixed-use development that also contains 2,800 square feet of commercial space.