2014-06-07 10.00.39-2Our vision is that our community is a destination, a place where residents of all incomes have access to affordable, high quality housing and other resources and services, and share in a sense of pride as they work together with other stakeholders to strengthen community life and vitality.

Our programs seek to create opportunity for residents and businesses to revitalize their community, increase their incomes, gain wealth and improve community health.

Our programs aim to achieve the following outcomes for our community’s people and places:

Outcomes for People

  • Residents are empowered and have pride in the community
  • Residents, police, and community organizations work together effectively to prevent violent/ drug related crimes
  • Neighbors trust and work with each other
  • Residents have knowledge and skills to improve their financial sustainability and increase and retain their assets
  • Residents have easy access to job centers and better employment opportunities
  • Residents have increased access to high quality affordable rental and homeownership

Outcomes for Places

  • The community and its environment promote improved health of the residents
  • The infrastructure promotes safe walking and biking and efficient public transportation
  • The community is viewed internally and externally as a desirable place to live, work, and play
  • Public spaces are attractive and accessible
  • The community is a hub of arts and culture
  • Sustainable businesses meet the needs of community residents and attract others
  • The built environment contains fewer blighted properties and more attractive housing
  • and commercial spaces