Nuestra Comunidad is now providing comprehensive asset management services to nonprofit organizations in the greater Boston area. Our expert asset managers will cut through the complexity of affordable housing asset management, providing strategies and services that further your mission and maximize your return on assets.

Our Services

Asset management in affordable housing ensures that the properties continue to serve their intended mission and that economic values are enhanced. Nuestra strives systematically to maximize the value of a non-profit’s portfolio while maintaining and preserving affordable housing for the long term use of the community. The Asset Manager’s goal is to augment the economic vitality of the client’s community, with a particular focus on energy efficiency. Nuestra’s asset management team creates and implements action plans for each property, and simultaneously assists the owner in setting the financial, mission, and strategic objectives of its organization. When the owner has established its organizational objectives, then the strategic plans are modified to reflect the organization’s top-down vision.  Asset management executes plans consistent with the client’s objectives.

Our services include:

Quality asset management will increase the value of your portfolio while maintaining and preserving affordable housing for long-term use and enhancing the economic vitality of the community.

Asset monitoring and risk mitigation

  • Develop annual benchmarks and monitor and evaluate portfolio performance against those measures and the market
  • Create and implement action plans for each property consistent with owner’s organizational priorities
  • Ensure regular reporting to senior staff, board, and funders re: properties’ performance and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure that resident services providers deliver quality services to residential properties and work in collaboration with organizers and other staff
  • Oversee third-party management contracts and assist in preparing property audits
  • Manage capital needs of portfolio, including capital needs assessments and timely implementation of capital projects
  • Assist with annual budgeting

Owner’s representation and workout support

  • Support owner’s decision making during the life of the property, participation at exit of LP’s and other milestones
  • Implement restructuring of low-income housing tax credit properties
  • Implement refinancing
  • Oversee management of annual property tax abatement/exemption requests and insurance purchasing
  • Oversee the leasing of vacant commercial space and manage tenant fit-out at commercial properties

Advisory Services

  • Assist in grantwriting and fundraising
  • Assist in the design and implementation of “green” portfolio strategies

For further information, please contact Arthur Allen, Director of Asset Management, at 617-989-1201 or