Resident Services

community zumbaNuestra Comunidad offers robust services for the families who call our apartments home, working to assure that families are healthy, successful, and taking an active role in determining our neighborhood’s future!

Health and Wellness

From healthy cooking classes, to low-cost fruits and vegetables, regular exercise classes,  walking groups and health screenings, Nuestra Comunidad provides a range of opportunities for families to make health decisions that are right for them.

Financial Capabilities

Nuestra Comunidad’s resident services staff have received extensive training in financial capabilities coaching to help families set and achieve their financial goals.  Staff work with families to make sure they are receiving all the public benefits to which they are entitled, develop budgets, and achieve financial stability and success.  Resident services staff can also help families who live in Nuestra Comunidad apartments to increase their assets according to each family’s goals, including budgeting to save for anything that is important to them, including education, a car, or homeownership!

2013-10-31 19.02.32Events and Celebrations

Nuestra Comunidad facilitates events, celebrations, and field trips throughout the year to celebrate holidays and other milestones and to foster an environment of neighborly fun!

Leadership Development

From a Girl Scout troop, to regular resident meetings, to NeigborCircles, to Neighborhood Associations, to national leadership trainings, families who live in Nuestra Comunidad apartments take an active role in determining our community’s future.  Nuestra Comunidad is dedicated to developing the leadership skills of the people who make our apartments home.